Garrett McGeein

Candidate for Nevada AD30

Garrett Studied Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Ethics at The University of Edinburgh. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an honorary degree in 2017.  Garrett worked as Philosophy Professor at Multnomah University, Nevada from 2018 Р2019. Garrett has worked as a tattoo artist since 2019. 


We must alter the NRS to drastically reduce the ability of our government to lock us down, destroy our jobs and our businesses, close our schools, mask our citizens (especially children!) and mandate vaccine compliance as a condition of having a job and participating in society. If emergency powers are to be “a thing”, they must be heavily reduced in scope and duration – and requiring the legislature to approve, early and often.


Nevada’s schools are a national disgrace, and the CCSD is an abomination of academic failure, political/sexual indoctrination, and physical abuse. The entire system needs decentralization and the introduction of competition through Educational Savings Accounts. It’s long past time parents were given a choice in how their children are schooled. Arizona has led the way and we should follow their lead immediately.


We must end the preposterous¬†and unjust practice of allowing the cops to seize money and other assets from people without even charging (let alone convicting) them of a crime. This insane legal plunder is one of the many disastrous consequences of the drug war and it has to end. A free people are not looted on the side of the highway by agents of the state. That’s more like tyranny.

The Gold Standard In The Fight For Liberty

The Libertarian Party of Nevada is the fastest-growing political party in Nevada. We fight for more freedom and choice, and less government for all Nevadans. We believe people should be allowed to live as they choose so long as they do not initiate violence or engage in coercion, theft, or fraud. We are the official state affiliate of the National Libertarian Party.

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